We have made the SWITCH

A growing number of businesses are now making the move over to a renewable energy supply. More than a hundred of the world’s most influential companies have now made a commitment to shift to renewable power. it's about time we joined them. 

Moving with the times, we have decided to adopt a greener future for ourselves and for the business, starting with moving our electricity provider. We believe that it's now necessary for WRS to take steps towards a brighter future for our planet. 

we are not only looking at our energy usage, we are also working towards a green future regarding our waste management systems. At first, we implemented a single cardboard waste skip situated at the front of our workshops, here to correctly dispose of all office waste and overpackaged delivery goods. 

But this skip quickly became the fastest filling skip on our site. We immediately found ourselves investing in additional cardboard skip, now used across all our engineering departments, further reducing our companies waste.