Wide Range Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We start with a FREE of charge strip down and initial assessment of your cylinder, this includes –

  • Professional clean down of the cylinder to ensure a thorough assessment,
  • Strip down of cylinder components,
  • Full assessment of Cylinder parts, with diagnostic on the reason for failure,
  • Assessment of parts salvageable,
  • Decide with the customer if it will be cost-effective to repair the cylinder.

If you know your cylinder is leaking and can not afford the downtime of an initial assessment, we can visit your site to assess your cylinder, there we can identify the required material, and ensure that we have it on the shelf, in preparation for the cylinder landing with us, this reduces our already fast turnaround time to an absolute minimum, hitting NEXT DAY Cylinder repair times. 

Our Cylinder Repair Process –

Technical Design,

Here we assess your cylinder for causes of the failure, be that contamination, over pressurization, or simply misuse, there are countless reasons. After identifying the cause, we can improve and enhance your cylinder's performance, ensuring its future longevity.

Machine Shop,

This is where we use our range of machinery to manufacture your required cylinder components, operating the latest technology in CNC, and high-level capacity for larger cylinders. (SOON TO HAVE A 6METER LONG LATHE BED)

Assembly and pressure testing,

Cylinder components are professionally cleaned of contaminates and are expertly inspected to ensure a smooth assembly and future disassembly. Once the cylinder is built, we perform rigorous testing to suit the customer's specification, testing upwards of 10,000PSI.

Cylinder Paint,

The final stage is our high-quality cylinder paint, protecting our customer's cylinders with hardwearing enamel paint. Following exact customer specifications upon request.

Remember –

We have a fully component fabrication department to aid with any cylinder-associated repairs, for example, bent cylinder links, warped mast sections, twisted digger arms.

Oil and Hydraulic Hose Replacement -

if your system has lost oil due to a Cylinder or hose failure, we stock high-grade ROCK OIL and have over 2,000 hydraulic fitting and devices available on the shelf.

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