• Machine arrived on the wagon as none starter
  • Drain water from bores and remove the machine from wagon
  • Drain oil (found excessive water contamination in oil)
  • Remove cylinder head and cooler send away for testing
  • Head returned and tested all ok but cooler failed test so was replaced
  • Order new head gasket and seals
  • Refit head to the machine with the new head gasket and pressure test with sump removed
  • Water still leaking internally in the engine
  • Head removed and pistons and liners removed
  • all 6 liners were defective also piston rings and bottom shells excessively worn (pictures attached and parts available to be inspected)
  • 6 liners 6 sets of piston ring new cooler and all seals ordered. (genuine Hyster parts used)
  • The engine fully reassembled with new components, fresh oil, and coolant. Then pressure tested overnight.
  • When testing the engine we found the main transmission hoses were leaking from the ferrules. Both were replaced
  • The machine had a full yard test and transmission has been recalibrated 
  • The machine was given a full clean

Please note all defective parts are available to be viewed by the customer and can be returned with the machine. The machine is also available to be inspected if you wish. 

The machine will be given a final day’s test on Monday in the yard then will be available to collect from Tuesday onwards providing we find no issues on test.

for information on all our services visit our engineering page here.